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What is happening

Cambodia is now facing an unprecedented series of threats to the freedom of civil society, NGOs, media, politics, Human Rights and the independence of the judiciary system. A country which was already struggling with major issues related to corruption, uncontrolled economic growth and Human Rights infringements, is taking a dangerous turn:
  • In 2017, Cambodia’s state party (Cambodia’s People Party or CPP) dissolved the main opposition party with 55 seats in parliament and forced 118 leading members either to go in exile or detention.
  • Most independent media such as newspapers, radio stations or online tribunes who were critical of the government were forced to close in 2018 the general election year.
  • Social media is also under the control of the state; Cambodian citizens who post messages condemning the government on their Facebook page can face criminal charges.
  • The Law on Associations and Non-Governmental Associations (LANGO) drastically limits and censors existing organisations whilst creating administrative barriers for the registration of new charities and NGOs.
  • The draft of Law on Public Order contains an extensive array of provisions that effectively criminalize the legitimate everyday activities of many citizens, in violation of their rights to freedom of expression, association, assembly and other protected Human Rights.
  • When it comes to gender equality, the same law prohibits women from wearing clothes that are “too short” or “too revealing”; The Prime Minister asserts that women posting on social media wearing such clothing are "eroding Cambodian cultural values" and that such behaviour is "to blame for sexual violence".
  • The judiciary system is falling apart as well, with arbitrary charges pressed against numerous prominent Human Rights activists.
  • Systematic corruption practices are deeply rooted in the country and undertaken in many areas from political, social to business.
  • 70% of the population still depends primarily on agriculture and livestock for their livelihoods; it is hampered by low productivity, vulnerability to weather events such as flooding and drought, poor storage and irrigation practices, and a lack of adequate infrastructure.

  • The issues listed above clearly show that the efforts to achieve sustainable goals, in particular those related to “Peace and Justice / Strong Institutions” and “Zero Hunger”, remain widely unrespected.

How we aim to change this

We organise a range of interventions and creative campaigns which relate to the contextual situation in Cambodia and internationally with the most possible impact. Our main activities are advocacy, raising awareness, education, publication and consultation with the following target groups:

  • On an international level with the United Nations, European Union and other institutions
  • On a national level with the Western authorities, media and general public
  • Locally with the Khmer Diaspora in European countries, USA and Australia
We aim to provide quality information and recommendations to those groups in order to let them take any necessary measures and finally put tangible pressure on the ruling Cambodian Government.

A few examples of our actions:

  • Recruit and train members to attend events organized by the UN / other European institutions
  • Collect and maintain a list of all issues related to Cambodia, from our research and partners
  • Broaden our network to keep enriching the data and gather skills and experience, cultivate trustful relationships with the institutions and representatives
  • Issue reports and organize events to discuss important reviews and milestones for Cambodia
  • Promote and participate in joint projects for Cambodia, by sharing our efforts, network, and experience.

    How you can help

    Together, we can accelerate the inevitable transformation of our society and people towards a true democratic state; because democracy is the key for peace, resilience, sovereignty and innovation.
    So, what exactly can you do ?

      Change Cambodia Now is a self-funded initiative and is kept alive by voluntary work.
      If you believe in our cause and want to help, you can support us by making a donation below :

      "If you want to walk fast, walk alone.
      If you want to walk far, walk together."

      Who we are

      The Change Cambodia Now (CCN) initiative was founded in 2019 by a group of Human Rights Defenders based in France, Germany and Switzerland. Its representatives have a sound network within the international and as well overseas Khmer community.

      CCN is a social-nonviolent-grassroots movement, which campaigns for civil, political, economical, social, cultural and environmental freedom in Cambodia. Where inland citizens face restrictions and use of violence by the state party, members of CCN are free from fear to promote and be their voice for Human Rights and Democratization.

      As of 2019 CCN has attended most UN OHCHR reviews and sessions on Cambodia, provided facts on contemporary issues and made consultative recommendations which included follow-up reporting. It is our concern to bring ongoing issues to the international stage, and for this we gather recent and reliable information about events happening in the country. In the future CCN aims to provide more consultations on Human Rights by request for international committees or working groups.

      The underrepresentation of Cambodian NGOs at formal or informal events is a serious worry for both the institutions and the attending organizations and individuals. Sessions on Cambodia usually count merely two to three local NGOs whereby the state party just sneers at them.

      As local NGOs in Cambodia cannot always attend such events due to insufficient funds or fear of personal threats, CCN has set the objective to act as their substitutes and become a strong voice for Cambodia's civil society.

      We are recruiting

      We are always looking for motivated individuals who are willing to make a difference. If you wish to become an active member of CCN, please feel free to reach us at

      "Our goal is to influence the future of the country and its society,
      and improve its population’s poor living condition."